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We took your advice about covenant community and moved next door to a family from church and 8 houses away from another. It truly is the way God intends for us to live! Every day is new and so wonderful.
-- North Dakota


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   Auburn Avenue Pastor's Conference, 2002    

Transcriptions of Pastor Steve's teachings on the covenant.  Recorded at the Auburn Avenue Pastor's Conference in 2002.


   Back Pages    

Past front pages of Messiah's website.



Confessional Conferences for Reformed Unity


   Christian Reformed Church    





   Covenant Keeping in a Covenant Breaking    


   Good Question    




   Informed Worship    

A ten part sermon series about "Informed Worship".  You can purchase indivudual sermons or this complete set on audio cassette by visiting Messiah's Tape Rack.




   Position Papers    


   Sermon Transcriptions - DUTCH    

The following sermons have been transcribed into Dutch.  To find out about having other sermons transcribed, please contact the webmaster


   Sermons, Letters, and Articles    


   The RPW Series    


   Urban Nations    





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